what’s that you say? things look a bit…different around here?! i’ve been working for MONTHS with ryan of second street creative to completely redesign my branding and website. it was SO needed, especially my website. it was such a labor of love and i am thrilled with how everything has come together. in the coming […]

just when i thought i’d have a super boring week with NOTHING to talk about! mother nature and baby mama drama premuda saw to it that wouldn’t happen! • thursday night mother nature arrived with a sleet/ice storm and followed up with an all day snowfall. really. all day. not complaining at all, as it […]

happy monday! i hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend, thanksgiving and hanukah alike. i had a fairly busy week, given it was a holiday, wrapping up my final family sessions of the year. any professional photographer will probably tell you that the end of november is met with equal parts excitement/relief and […]

good morning! i greet you from the other side of wedding season today and can i just say, it feels great!? going into this wedding season i knew that, god willing, part of it would be done while pregnant. i feel so unbelievably fortunate to have been blessed such a well-timed due date and a […]

a bit of a late post coming today, thanks to all the fun i was having at my 1 hour glucose test. yum! not! i would like to start off my post today with a big thanks to all those, past and present, near and far, serving in our country’s armed forces. without these men […]