Nora and Pierce’s Mod-Inspired Disco Fruit Wedding at Yew Dell

Yes, you read all of that correctly. It’s hard to encapsulate Nora and Pierce’s day because it was just that good. Jamie Slye and I came up with: Fun Floral Mod Disco Fruit Fabulous. Rolls off the tongue. Nora and Pierce embraced bright color and bold signage which to me, just embodies how they love; Big, bright, and sweet.

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens served as the perfect setting for their day, even if rain tried to, ahem, rain on their parade. While a ceremony in the lovely gardens would have been so beautiful, I couldn’t help but look around during their filled-to-the-brim barn and just FEEL the love. They were, quite literally, closely surrounded by all of those who love them unconditionally and it just felt so special. Altered plans don’t ruin wedding days, they just add to the story.

I will be endlessly grateful for Jamie and Andy sending Nora my way. Getting to work with them is always a dream and meeting Nora and Pierce was icing on the cake. I really feel like I am a better person and photographer after being in a room with such amazing people from literally all walks of life, and continents, with one common belief: We love hard, unequivocally.

Please enjoy poring over these photos, I am incredibly proud of them.

Nora and Pierce assembled the absolute best team; many thanks:

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