Peyton and Craig…where to start!? High School sweethearts whose paths diverged for a bit but found their way back to each other, it’s so easy to see the partnership this duo has grown into. They both have such huge hearts and knowing their hearts are being cared for so deeply makes me smile. Their day […]

When Natalie said she wanted to become a “Mountain Boho Bride”, she probably didn’t think we’d be dodging rain showers literally all day. However, a testament to what great people both she and Hunter are, they never once felt sad or gipped or disappointed. They were focused on the fact that they were getting married […]

I had the most wonderful trip up to Terre Haute to hang out and shoot engagement photos with Juliana and Keevan. They met while they were in school at Indiana State and Juliana was a bartender at a local spot. Keeven just so happened to be come a regular because of the awesome drinks the […]

You know that saying that goes something like “You think she’s pretty? You should see her soul”? That’s literally Taylor and Noah, to a T. They are two of the most kind, loving, joyful, caring people I’ve met. I’m so glad our paths crossed with their wedding and wish nothing but absolute joy and happiness, […]

Oh these two are just the cutest. I was so excited when Rilyn asked me to come out to Brock’s family’s property. If you’ve been around her long enough, you might remember it from Amelia and Ty’s engagement session 7(!!) years ago! I was even more excited when Rilyn told me Brock wanted to incorporate […]