As I’m sitting here shivering in my office, sipping a hot latte, I find myself smiling thinking about how hot the sunshine was on Alyssa and Kyle’s day. It was a day full of so much love, support and a lot of people so darn thrilled that Alyssa and Kyle were finally making it official! […]

I’m not really sure where to start with this post. Because of working for the KlubHaus years ago, I knew Audra. And I always remember her telling me she couldn’t wait to have me take her photos one day. If you know Audra, you know that she goes after what she wants. 🙂 So fast […]

These two high school sweethearts are just that…SO SWEET! I’ve been blessed with knowing and shooting the engagement and weddings of Lydia’s other two sisters. And I vividly remember at Maddie’s wedding asking if we should include Lydia’s boyfriend in the family photos. To which, Maddie responded, “Um, yes…they’ve been dating longer than Lance and […]

It all began with some innocent recording of the evening news…so that she could watch the weather. And then it turned into watching youtube videos of broadcasts past. Lauren was just doing her due diligence…right? There are just some couples that ooze personality, Lauren and Eric being one of them. Neither know a stranger, they […]

Rachel and Mark are the sweetest, cutest pair. Their ceremony at, the always lovely, Neu Chapel on University of Evansville’s campus was perfect! I had always wanted to shoot at that church, so I was thrilled! After photos we headed to their beautiful reception at Cambridge Golf Course. Can we talk about their gorgeous florals […]