I sincerely wish I could bottle these two up, set it on my desk and open when I’m having a rough day. Ted is light-hearted, funny, and doesn’t take things very seriously. Avery is put together, sweet, and maybe a bit of a perfectionist (xo, Avery) and the way they balance each other is perfection. […]

If you know Aundrea and/or Josh, and many of you do, you know that collectively they are some of the most wonderful, kind, caring people out there. I’ve been working out with Josh on and off for years and Aundrea has been in so many of my weddings which makes me SO happy to finally […]

Olivia and Christopher are so sweet and complete troopers. In the middle of our first session, it started pouring. Like, out of nowhere. I pride myself on really knowing the weather and while I was equal parts mad at myself (even though it was clearly not my fault!) and a little embarrassed for this goof, […]

I had the most perfect spring evening with Natalie and Dylan a few weeks ago. I always cherish engagement sessions, getting to talk all things wedding, while getting to know my couples a little better. These two are so sweet and I 100% adore Natalie’s sweet giggles and nose scrunches! I can NOT wait until […]

I adore Courtney, Ross AND the story of how they met. I’ve had a few couples where I just KNOW that fate or a higher being was responsible for them meeting, Ross and Courtney being one. They met while out with friends at Ball State and immediately connected. Except they forgot a vital step: they […]