From the moment Emily reached out to me, I’ve been counting down the days for their wedding. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that her sister, Maria, has become a huge help to me with shooting weddings so I knew her sister would be a dream to work with. And if you’ve […]

While Ali and Craig may have met in a modern way, their love story is classic: Guy swipes, girl isn’t sure, girl’s friends say “YES”, guy takes girl out, the rest is history. As the youngest sibling with all big brothers, I can’t imagine a better person to marry their sister than Craig. He’s kind, […]

While I didn’t have the pleasure of shooting Lauren and Bryce’s engagement session, I’ve known Bryce for a while as he’s a great DJ in the area! It’s always so fun having a member of the wedding community on the other side of things for a change! Lauren and her (very large and tall) family […]

Juliana and Keevan are two of the most thoughtful, kind, caring couples I’ve ever worked with–and I felt that way before I even met them in person. It may have been frigid and snowing but the love was overflowing. As we said, if it’s going to be that cold, it may as well snow! It […]

Peyton and Craig…where to start!? High School sweethearts whose paths diverged for a bit but found their way back to each other, it’s so easy to see the partnership this duo has grown into. They both have such huge hearts and knowing their hearts are being cared for so deeply makes me smile. Their day […]