I know this seems like such a huge jump from photos of pretty people to…skincare, and it is. But like most women, I’m constantly trying new products in hopes of settling into a routine that fits my very finicky skin. And, friends, I have. I’ll be diving into these products more on my instastory, but […]

ii dear chloe, oh, sweet chloe. it’s letter is SO overdue. and while we’re confessing/begging forgiveness, i’ll just go ahead and tell you that somewhere along the line i missed one of your monthly photos. which is why there is no “1 month” shot. for shame. this has been a crazy season of life and […]

2/1/17 dear hazel, this letter is so overdue, i’m not really even sure where to begin. you see, i just picked up your registration packet for preschool and i was flooded with all the feelings. i figured it was time to tell you about what you’ve been up to. since we last left off, the […]

I 10/20/16 Dear Chloe- You’re here, baby girl! Actually, you’ve been here for two weeks but i’m just now finding the time to put my thoughts to paper. To be frank, i don’t really understand how our commitment to having you combined with my 39 weeks of pregnancy flew by in what seems like the […]

i reluctantly (there’s something about holding an actual book in your hands) bought my kindle reader a year or so ago and ever since then i’ve been devouring books. i find i fall asleep so much faster and sleep better when i take the time to read for 15-20 minutes before bed. i’ve been wanting […]