My current skincare routine

I know this seems like such a huge jump from photos of pretty people to…skincare, and it is. But like most women, I’m constantly trying new products in hopes of settling into a routine that fits my very finicky skin. And, friends, I have. I’ll be diving into these products more on my instastory, but wanted to have a place to house all the direct links.

As I mentioned in my stories, I have very sensitive, dry, reactive skin with a touch of rosacea. Not high maintenance at all. After a trip to the Chanel counter 4 years ago, I realized that my skin had been regularly dry, which was triggering my rosacea. I never felt like my skin was dry, but after using the products she suggested, it transformed the look and feel of my skin leaving me stunned. While I loved the arsenal of products she sold me, the price of them was just something I had a hard time stomaching. I did continue using their moisturizer (Solution 10) simply because it was literally the only thing that didn’t make my skin react  but after finishing my last $$$ bottle, I decided it was time to search for more affordable options. 

I also wanted to add that I realize not all of these products are “clean.” Everything I buy at sephora has their “clean” rating but when your skin is as annoying as mine, when you find a product you love, you just go with it. It’s also important to me to be able to return products that don’t work for me, which is something I ran into problems with when trying one of the big “clean beauty” brands. 


One of the biggest changes I made to my skin which has shown the most results is that I no longer wash my face in the morning. Crazy, I know. I simply use a cotton pad and wipe with the Thayers witch hazel. I follow that up with the Caudalie SOS serum. I LOVE this product and am on my 3rd bottle. If I rebuy anything, that says a lot.

After the serum dries, I use the Moisturizing cream, also by Caudalie. I adore this brand and feel like it’s really well priced for what you get. Finally, I finish up with my favorite eye cream EVER. It’s the moisturizing eye bomb by belif. I also really like everything I’ve tried from this brand and find it well priced as well.


Don’t be scared by all those products. Depending on my mood or how dry my skin is, I use either the Olay gentle foaming cleanser or the Green Clean cleansing balm. I don’t find that either really get all my eye makeup off (search continues), but really like that my skin feels comfortable after using and generally clean. I do usually do a quick wipe with the Thayers if I have makeup on that day.

Next up, depending on how dry my skin has been (which lately has been INSANE), I’ll use the SOS serum again and follow up with my favorite night cream EVER. The Olay Regenerist night recovery cream has quickly become such a favorite of mine. My skin feels so soft in the morning which I’ve never found before with another moisturizer.

And finally, I finish up with the Moisture Eye Bomb again along with the Laneige lip sleeping mask. Apparently people either love or hate this product but I’m obsessed with it. I got a sample with a sephora order, promptly ordered the full size and use it religiously.

That’s it! Please forgive my less than perfect photos. We’ve had two snow days this week, which means I have no time…#momlife. which is also why I need such a great eye cream.

Let me know what you think! Want to see more in the future??

*Probably need to add that none of these are affiliate links and none of these are sponsored. 

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