I can’t think of a better way to kick off my class of 2019 posts than with Millie! After telling me she’s wanted me to shoot her photos for years, she had her spot reserved already last fall! I love that level of enthusiasm but it also meant that I REALLY needed to kill it […]

with graduation happening this weekend, i wanted to take a quick second and say “thank you” to all the seniors i got to work with this past year. it was the most seniors i’ve ever done, from 3 different schools, and i adored each of them. i don’t know how i get so lucky, to […]

oh, sweet caroline. she’s going to hate that song by about junior year of college. or maybe she won’t. 😉 caroline is pretty sweet, after all! i so enjoyed our morning shooting her senior photos and talking about her plans for next year and beyond. it turns out, we have a lot in common! she’s […]

anyone who knows emma (or her family) knows one thing for sure: she is dramatic. and i mean that in the VERY best way possible. emma is the type of person who, enthusiastically, makes you feel you’ve known her your whole life, moments after your first handshake. while i’ve known her sister for quite a […]

i’m still chugging along with my senior session edits! i’ve got a couple great ones to show you, starting with hannah! i loved our morning at her home, shooting all over her family’s property. so beautiful!