**Briefly updated after our 2022 trip** Since coming home from our latest trip (my 11th) to St John, I’ve had so many questions about travel to the island that instead of trying to answer individually, I decided it would be easier to put together a guide of sorts. This will be long, so bear with […]

i reluctantly (there’s something about holding an actual book in your hands) bought my kindle reader a year or so ago and ever since then i’ve been devouring books. i find i fall asleep so much faster and sleep better when i take the time to read for 15-20 minutes before bed. i’ve been wanting […]

i finally got around to putting together a video from our most recent trip to st john! anyone who knows me, knows that this island is an extension of me. in fact, we’ve been traveling to it for almost 20 years and this was our 9th trip. whaaaaa?! bringing hazel to st john was a […]

you might be asking yourself, “didn’t you go out to colorado back in june? and you’re just now blogging about it?” guilty. this summer has been nuts and frankly, clients take priority around here. however, i didn’t want to completely forget about it! my whole family went out to beaver creek/denver for a family vacation. […]

a couple weeks before christmas, josh and i flew across the boarder for some time in the sun. we opted to leave hazel at home and while we missed her, i was and am so thankful for those 6 days of not being a parent. it’s a hard job, ya’ll, the hardest i’ve ever had. […]