on the road: cancun, mexico

a couple weeks before christmas, josh and i flew across the boarder for some time in the sun. we opted to leave hazel at home and while we missed her, i was and am so thankful for those 6 days of not being a parent. it’s a hard job, ya’ll, the hardest i’ve ever had. however, little trips like this, alongside josh, are essential and keep the motor running.

it’s such an easy trip down there, i often wonder why we don’t do it more often. in fact, josh and i left at an ungodly hour out of louisville and were poolside by 11:15am. seriously.

we didn’t do a lot, frankly. we’ve both been before, though this was my first time in which i wasn’t dodging a hurricane! we basically ate, drank some modelo, slept, repeat. here are some photos i took in hopes that it might warm you up on a nasty cold day like today!









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