a couple weeks before christmas, josh and i flew across the boarder for some time in the sun. we opted to leave hazel at home and while we missed her, i was and am so thankful for those 6 days of not being a parent. it’s a hard job, ya’ll, the hardest i’ve ever had. […]

josh and i took a little time out a few weeks ago and caught a plane heading south. 5 days of rest and relaxation were exactly what this girl needed. though hurricane rina tried to put a damper on things, we didn’t let her get us down. there aren’t many food stories to write home […]

i’m not sure why it took me nearly a month to do so, but i have failed to write about the other, more educational, part of my mexican trip, which resulted in me looking the way i did in the above picture. but first, let me rewind. i am an art history junkie. people have […]