on the road: cancun, mexico

josh and i took a little time out a few weeks ago and caught a plane heading south. 5 days of rest and relaxation were exactly what this girl needed. though hurricane rina tried to put a damper on things, we didn’t let her get us down. there aren’t many food stories to write home about, but we did enjoy our stay at the westin lagunamar.
i didn’t take too many photos. that’s something i’ve been struggling with lately. i’m not sure what my problem is. i’m sure it’s something a lot of photographers struggle with. i get paid to take a lot of photos, so when i’m not working my camera is the last thing i want to be holding. anyway, here are a few that i did take and they were all taken with josh’s lumix GF2; proof you don’t need an SLR to take a good photo!!!!!!
oh and for those who asked or voiced concern about the safety in mexico right now: you need not be nervous. most of the yucatan is tourist country and it seems the drug problems have stayed away. what is waiting for you is an area desperate for tourism. they depend on travelers like us and without that cash flow, gorgeous resorts like the one we stayed in will go under. quick trips to this area are cheap and if you’re holding back because you’re afraid for your safety, you need not be. there is danger involved in most tourist destinations and you’re missing out if you live a life of avoidance.

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  1. ellen vonderheide says:

    gorgeous shots…..can't wait to see the place myself

  2. Laura Seng says:

    Love your comment about living a life of avoidance! So true.