you might be asking yourself, “didn’t you go out to colorado back in june? and you’re just now blogging about it?” guilty. this summer has been nuts and frankly, clients take priority around here. however, i didn’t want to completely forget about it! my whole family went out to beaver creek/denver for a family vacation. […]

it should come as no surprise when i tell you that my two of my favorite things in this world are family vacations to st john and photography. i’ve lost track of how many times we’ve been; that’s how much we love it. happy hour at woody’s, the salmon at rhumb lines, the isolation of […]

josh and i took a little time out a few weeks ago and caught a plane heading south. 5 days of rest and relaxation were exactly what this girl needed. though hurricane rina tried to put a damper on things, we didn’t let her get us down. there aren’t many food stories to write home […]

part of a series recounting our 2011 european vacation. for other travel-related posts, click here. after landing in brussels, the next stop on our adventure was amsterdam. after my family decided a trip to germany was for sure happening, josh and i began scheming other locations we’d like to hit. there was paris (both of […]

josh and i traveled down to houston last weekend to visit with his family. what does one do while in houston, you ask? go to the rodeo, of course. we just so happened, and by “just so happened”, i mean we planned to be in town while the zac brown band was set to perform […]