st john brides, grooms, families wanted; destination photographer

it should come as no surprise when i tell you that my two of my favorite things in this world are family vacations to st john and photography. i’ve lost track of how many times we’ve been; that’s how much we love it. happy hour at woody’s, the salmon at rhumb lines, the isolation of gibney beach, burgers at skinny legs; i love all of it.
our last trip was in 2010 and my very first legit engagement shoot was scheduled for the week after we got home. well, i’m now 2 years smarter and have grown my business quite a bit. that’s why i’ve decided to try to book a shoot for when we return to st john this may! exciting, right? so listen up, st john brides, grooms, families, whatever: i’d love to document your love in a place you and i both love.
please contact me for our exact dates and pricing information.

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