life: kennedy and orion

you guys! this is my last regular shoot of the season! in truth, i’ve had this session closed for a while now, but with the craziness that is holiday deadlines, i haven’t had time to blog it. with that said, however, i am waiting on the birth of a wee one to officially put a wrap on the season!
back to orion and kennedy. how precious are these two? they are cousins and it is very apparent that orion is very proud of his baby girl cousin and is going to take very good care of her. i loved seeing how much he loved and protected her. and orion? oh my. this child is beyond words cute and totally belongs in a jcrew crewcuts ad.
my (tied for) favorite kiddo shot of the year, on the right.

if you’re a follower of my work, you’ll notice that these were taken not only inside, but with a backdrop. gasp! don’t worry, i will never be a 100% studio photographer–natural light is my #1 love–but i do love the flexibility my new backdrop/seamless paper have given me!
gear used: canon 50mm 1.4

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  1. Jeff Hochgesang says:

    This little guy needs to be in a Gap Kids ad.  How cute!!