**Briefly updated after our 2022 trip** Since coming home from our latest trip (my 11th) to St John, I’ve had so many questions about travel to the island that instead of trying to answer individually, I decided it would be easier to put together a guide of sorts. This will be long, so bear with […]

i finally got around to putting together a video from our most recent trip to st john! anyone who knows me, knows that this island is an extension of me. in fact, we’ve been traveling to it for almost 20 years and this was our 9th trip. whaaaaa?! bringing hazel to st john was a […]

remember me? i know, right? i thought maybe i’d take a hot second to update you pretty people on what’s cooking! – we just returned from our bi-annual biennial (did you know that’s the correct way to say ‘every other year’?) trip to st john. we had a great time, although the weather totally sucked. […]

it should come as no surprise when i tell you that my two of my favorite things in this world are family vacations to st john and photography. i’ve lost track of how many times we’ve been; that’s how much we love it. happy hour at woody’s, the salmon at rhumb lines, the isolation of […]

skinny legs; st john, usvi; 2010 we love burgers, yes we do. we love burgers, how ’bout you?