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remember me? i know, right? i thought maybe i’d take a hot second to update you pretty people on what’s cooking!
– we just returned from our bi-annual biennial (did you know that’s the correct way to say ‘every other year’?) trip to st john. we had a great time, although the weather totally sucked. as in, we had more rain this trip than all our other trips combined. i did manage to get enough sun hours to totally fry myself though, so don’t feel too sorry for me.
– i’m a little sad to announce that i am completely booked until late september and october only has a couple spots left. because of my own wedding, i decided not to take any bookings for august (though, 2 managed to get on there….i have the “i can’t so no” illness. but i’m telling the internet now that i am full. see, internet? full.) or the week before my september 8th wedding so that i may retain some sort of lucidity.
– i will be blogging matt and heather’s fabulous indianapolis wedding next week. i’m seriously beyond jazzed to show you guys the magic we created that day. ugh. so great.
– i’ll also finally be out shooting this weekend. aubrey will be back for her 6th month photos and i’ll also be shooting a new newborn client! i love new clients and new beginnings.
– wedding planning is in overdrive! while we probably aren’t, both josh and i feel completely behind the 8-ball. i keep reminding myself, though, that as long as we’re both there, we have a photographer (priorities, people) and someone to marry us, we’ll be a-ok.
happy friday, beautiful people! i hope you have a fabulous weekend!

both images shot at cinnamon bay, st john usvi, using a canon 5d mark ii and a canon 50mm 1.4.

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