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if there was one singular thought I have about matt and heather’s wedding day, it can be summed up with the song title “we are family”. no, not everyone in the bridal party was related but family isn’t always blood. this group had bonds so visibly tight, it made my heart feel warm and gooey. some friendships stemmed from childhood, others newer, but they all had one thing in common: to celebrate the heck out of matt and heather, and their future.  They are so incredibly wealthy in friendships and love, that’s for sure.

not that you guys don’t deserve it.  heather, matt…i am so so so over the moon happy for the two of you. your day was one of the more calm wedding days i’ve been a part of, partially thanks to your wonderful wedding planner, april foster events, but mostly i think that tranquility was attributed to the fact that neither of you for a second forgot what that day was about. it wasn’t about getting to the church on time (though i must admit, i had a silent stroke trying to get us on the road to the church) or making sure everyone’s bow ties (which heather made) were tied perfectly. it was about the two of you starting the rest of your lives together.

thank you so much for allowing me to capture your day. getting to spend the day with you and your fabulous (i mean fab-you-lous, just wait for the photos) wedding party was the bees knees. i wish you absolutely nothing but the best in life and love.

so this was my first wedding working with a second shooter, which meant it was the first wedding that i didn’t see the guys until we got to the church. while we were downtown getting ready, this was happening a bit further north…perhaps someone can explain this?

i couldn’t decide which version of the bouquet i liked better…so i put in both.

can we take a minute to check out heather’s shoulders/arms? join crossfit if you want results like that, friends. she’s not messing around with those guns.

so it rained all night the night before the wedding and most of the morning. heather, always the planner, sent out an SOS message to the bridesmaids to “FIND RAINBOOTS.” find them they did. even though the skies ended up clearing, we had to utilize them, right?!

those of you who like my fb page saw this as soon as i shot it. it’s just as beautiful as i was hoping!

you guys, this bridal party did.not.stop. this must have been our 4th stop for photos and they totally brought it each and every time. high fives to all! and did i mention it was FREEZING this day?! i almost forgot how cold it was. and i wasn’t wearing a dress (as i was kindly reminded)!

and then this happened and i’m still not ready to talk about how amazing it is/was.

i think this must have been the, “wow…we did it..” moment. i adore this moment/photo. notice the rain:

this band….wow this band totally knocked my socks off. if i wasn’t so exhausted from being on my feet for 12 hours i totally would have stayed just to listen to them. living proof. check them out.

and i’m leaving you with a little extra father daughter love for heather and her dad. something tells me you could use it. 🙂

Ceremony: st joan of arc catholic church
Reception: Indianapolis artsgarden
Event planner: april foster events
First dance: a kiss to build a dream on, louis armstrong
Father/daughter: little miss magic, jimmy buffet
mother/son: unforgettable, natalie cole
Band: living proof
gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 35 1.4 (used for nearly all portraits), canon 24-70 2.8, canon 100 2.8 macro, canon 70-200 2.8. that makes my back hurt thinking about it.

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  1. SueF says:

    LOVE all the pics.  Matt is an adorable kangaroo.  Wondering how the booted girls made Meghan’s legs disappear??  Both look fresh, deliciously  young and ripe for marriage.  What a fun, yet totally committed display of love!