congrats to my 2012 seniors!

i just wanted to take a quick second to congratulate all my lovely 2012 seniors!! i wish you the very best of luck in all you do. much love!
i leave you with this quote i read the other day (thanks, josh) that really resonated with me:
“The best thing you can do over the next 4 years is try and become as interesting as possible. Keep riding your bike, read a lot of books (a lot), try and speak another language and live outside the country, drink beer…chase experiences and collect stories.College is not about learning a craft, it is about learning how to think.
You will be disappointed when you get older. You will find this world is full of people too afraid or ill-equipped to think for themselves; they huddle in corners holding signs they don’t understand and jobs they don’t want. Don’t do that. Promise me you won’t. There are brave and brilliant people changing this world and it has nothing to do with where they went to college.” -james nord

morgan, jasper high school

lindsey, memorial high school

rebecca, springs valley high school

catherine, jasper high school

grae, jasper high school

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