on the road: back to st john

i finally got around to putting together a video from our most recent trip to st john! anyone who knows me, knows that this island is an extension of me. in fact, we’ve been traveling to it for almost 20 years and this was our 9th trip. whaaaaa?!

bringing hazel to st john was a joy i haven’t felt since we brought her into this world. it’s hard to explain, but i did my best in this instagram post, so i won’t restate it here. suffice to say, she loved her first trip although we could have done without the ear/sinus infection that hit us mid-week. of course, those didn’t get diagnosed until after we got home. you know, after a 4 hour flight, just to add insult to injury. poor kid.

we didn’t really love our house, so i won’t share it here. we’ve loved many others like mystic ridge, estate fortsberg (the best showers ever), and probably my favorite house ever: bay rum breeze.

as far as restaurants go, aside from our usual favorites like rhumb lines, beach bar (probably my favorite lunch spot on the island. also where the bartender gave hazel a fully-loaded pina colada and she kept slurping it saying “mmmmm” before any of us were the wiser. #parentsoftheyear), skinny legs, shipwreck landing, uncle joe’s bbq, and the tap room (i love to see these guys growing and all the incredible stuff they’re doing). and we loved trying out a couple new-to-the-island places like longboard (awesome frozen painkiller and ok food but horrible place to go with kids as it’s bartop tables only–seriously, come on!) and indigo grill (really great dinner all around. they loved hazel and the atmosphere was perfect, which should come as no surprise as it’s the same owners as rhumb lines, aka the most charming restaurant ever.).

the journey to st john is never easy or entirely fun (especially with a toddler now) as it involves a drive, a plane, a plane, a taxi, a boat and another drive to get to your rented house but it’s 100% worth it. every time. that little 8 mile long island is such a special place to me, and many others, housing so many treasured memories that make up who i am today.

thinking of making a trip to st john? i’d love to help you out! just drop me an email!

and of course, some photos. all these were taken with my new lumix lx100. i’m not entirely happy with the camera and subsequently, my photos. not sure if it’s a learning curve or an editing curve or what. jury’s out, it may be going back.


here’s a pro-tip: don’t leave your child’s rash guards and swim diapers in the laundry room at home. you’ll have to buy a highly overpriced one on the island as a result.












st john has a lot of native animals like cows, goats, donkeys and chicken that just roam the island. one afternoon we happened to catch all of them at the soccer fields in coral bay.


2 of these premudas were really sick. can you guess which ones?


trunk bay from above. that view never gets old.


pouty McPooper pants there in the middle.



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