brides should always follow their own heart

after the glitter has settled and the honeymoon has been had, recent brides will all probably tell you the same thing….weddings are, a lot. there are a lot of expectations to manage, your own included, and feelings are bound get hurt somewhere along the way.


i’ve shot a lot of weddings (nearing 100!) and i always have brides who, at one point or another, avoid doing something they’d like at the risk of hurting someone’s feelings. and that just makes me sad! whether it be declining a first look (because HEAVEN FORBID you buck tradition), letting the guest list get out of hand, or having to use a specific vendor because of family or friendly ties.


i’m here to tell you that this is NOT the day to make sacrifices or to mute your voice. theoretically, you’re only going to do this once and it’s your day, no one else’s. beside, the last thing you want is to have an ounce of regret. and here’s the thing: your family loves you and while they may not agree with having dogs as your bridal party at the time,¬†they have to love you anyway. meaning, they’ll get over it. the most important thing on your wedding day is to be truly happy and not be worried about your mom/aunt/dad/etc being upset that you have dogs as attendants.

i’m saying all this playfully, but i’m being serious. on a personal note, not everyone in my life was thrilled when i asked both of my dads (my dad and my stepdad) to walk me down the aisle. but, after getting my dad’s blessing, i honestly didn’t care. my heart was telling me that both of these men, who are both such huge parts of my life, needed to be present at my side in that moment. i’ve since had a couple other brides do this and it always makes me so emotional; kindred spirits and all. but i think more than anything, i know it probably wasn’t an easy decision but they followed their own heart…and THAT’S what matters most.


^^ photo by clary photo^^

why does this matter to me? well, personally, it doesn’t but if you’re upset or stressed, it’s going to read in your photos; plain and simple. and if we’re being honest, i care for my clients like friends and i do everything in my power to squash any and all stress on your wedding day. happy bride=happy photos=happy photographer.

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