weekend roundup

this past week feels like somewhat of a blur. between being SO sick (thank you, bronchitis) and the weather, i didn’t shoot that much. just an engagement session down in evansville and a follow up senior session. oh and a wedding on saturday and a follow up e-session yesterday. what? seems like a lot, still? well this IS october! as a result of being sick and not getting a ton of editing done last week, i have a feeling this week will find me glued to my office chair. i’m sure baby p will love that.

onto recent happenings:
• considering that i started the year with 21 weddings on my schedule, i can’t believe i only have 2 left! to say this year has flown by is a complete understatement.
• luke, and the rest of the jasper band, are set to defend their state title this weekend at lucas oil stadium. i can’t wait to cheer them on, once again.
• baby p is the size of an eggplant this week. being sick like this, while pregnant, has given me a new appreciation for western medicine and the general health of my own body. coughing so hard has been really rough on my body and i only hope the baby hasn’t felt a thing. her movements have become SO strong, especially in the evening and especially if i’m lying on my right side.
• this week’s wedding was so beautiful and occurred on the epitome of a fall day. albeit a little chilly, the sun was out, the skies were blue and the trees are finally beginning to turn. i love it so much.
have a great week, friends!

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