in love: heather+josh; bloomington indiana engagement photographer

i really feel like this session couldn’t be more representative of heather and josh: decked out when need be, but casual and comfortable at the end of the day. we did two abbreviated sessions, starting on campus at iu, continuing at assembly hall and finishing up at heather’s family’s land in french lick. it was my second time shooting at iu in 2 weeks and let me tell you, i will never tire of shooting there. heather and josh met through mutual friends (whom, as it turns out, are also MY friends! hi, tim!) while they were in school at iu. since graduating, josh has remained in bloomington, while heather is finishing up one round of grad school at uk (the horror! i kid!) and will continue on with more schooling again this coming fall. if you know heather’s family, this doesn’t come as surprise. 🙂
heather…josh, i am SO excited for your wedding in lexington next fall. mainly because i just get to hang out with you again but because i also know your day is sure to be beautiful and full of meaningful love.

heather was a cheerleader at iu all 4 years, so naturally we had to head to assembly hall. and raid the spirit closet. i’m kidding, it’s not called the spirit closet. but it should be.

and finally, we wrapped up their session sunday evening at heather’s family’s land. so beautiful.

gear used: canon 5d mark iii, canon 85 1.2L, canon 50 1.2L, canon 35 1.4L, canon 100 2.8 marco (rings only)

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  1. Heather says:

    Meghan, you are amazing!!!! I LOVE THESE!!!!! THANK YOU SO MCUH!

  2. Jane Flannagan says:

    Great job Meghan, u brought out a lot of love!! Look forward to 9/13/2014!!!