lauren, a jasper native, graduated from iu this spring. she cheered for the hoosiers all four years and really wanted to document that part of her life before saying goodbye to iu and her cheerleading life. i’m so glad we did! we had SO much fun and i completely had one of those “pinch me, […]

i really feel like this session couldn’t be more representative of heather and josh: decked out when need be, but casual and comfortable at the end of the day. we did two abbreviated sessions, starting on campus at iu, continuing at assembly hall and finishing up at heather’s family’s land in french lick. it was […]

amanda and brian both attended iu at the same time, but it wasn’t until post-graduation (and some hefty urging from those who knew them) that they were introduced. at first amanda claims she wasn’t interested (although, i have a hard time believing that 🙂 ) but after some convincing from brian, they went out. i […]

my face when told that i “could go pick up all the sticks in the front and backyards.” and that it “would be good exercise.” top 2 LEAST favorite things to do. —

i just realized i failed to mention that anna will be taking up residence in bloomington next year. let’s be honest for a second, while we were encouraged to follow our own path and make our own collegiate decisions in the vonderheide/hochgesang house (except for that one school up north who will remain nameless), we […]