These two are SO sweet! We had such a sticky heat wave hit the day we shot these and I felt so sorry for Jarrad. That didn’t stop him from being a total trooper, though! Sam and Jarrad met at IU when they both swam with the school’s swim club, (Fun fact: Lilly King’s mom […]

Abbey and Brett are the sweetest and arguably the smartest couple I’ve ever photographed. Both Physicists graduating from IU (she working for a pharma company, he in med school), they just had to shoot their engagement photos on campus. Even better, the Chemistry building is one of my favs! We started there, then meandered around […]

Like many good collegiate love stories, Audrey and Derek’s began in their dorm and flourished through their four years at Indiana University and beyond. While Audrey may have grown a touch impatient waiting for her best friend to propose, what she didn’t realize was that his perfect proposal was years in the making. One of […]

oh, these two!! i mean, do they get any more adorable? i find micah and joe extra adorable because i’ve been witnessing their relationship from the sidelines ever since i shot joe’s sister’s wedding 2 years ago. i remember michelle saying prior to the wedding “oh yeah, joe’s dating someone and they’re like, head over […]

i think that by now we all know my allegiance to indiana university and my undying love for capturing love stories it produces. when lindsey reached out to me i did a quick facebook search and saw they had gotten engaged at the sample gates, i knew it was perfect match. you can only imagine how […]