tonight my oldest younger brother, luke, will be laying his head down on his pillow inside his dorm as a college freshman at indiana university. i can’t even believe those words left my mouth/fingers. i am so excited for him, for what his life is about to open up to. college truly is what you […]

oh i just LOVE these two! last time you saw them, they were students. they’ve since graduated (again) from iu and are both working in indy. it all came back to bloomington a couple weeks ago when amanda and brian’s family and friends watched them say “i do” in a tearful, heartfelt ceremony a rose well […]

i met up with sarah and jason last week in bloomington to capture their engagement photos. something i’m never mad at is jumping in my car and heading to bloomington. bonus points if it’s to “work”. but, this wasn’t my typical “IU graduates unite” and request all that is IU in their engagement photos. no, […]

i really feel like this session couldn’t be more representative of heather and josh: decked out when need be, but casual and comfortable at the end of the day. we did two abbreviated sessions, starting on campus at iu, continuing at assembly hall and finishing up at heather’s family’s land in french lick. it was […]

amanda and brian both attended iu at the same time, but it wasn’t until post-graduation (and some hefty urging from those who knew them) that they were introduced. at first amanda claims she wasn’t interested (although, i have a hard time believing that 🙂 ) but after some convincing from brian, they went out. i […]