my life: luke goes to college

tonight my oldest younger brother, luke, will be laying his head down on his pillow inside his dorm as a college freshman at indiana university. i can’t even believe those words left my mouth/fingers. i am so excited for him, for what his life is about to open up to. college truly is what you make it and, luke, i hope you take every opportunity to try something new, meet new people, study a lot (really), have a lot of fun (really), don’t be afraid to fail (because you will), continue to learn who you are and what makes you tick, and enjoy the hell out of this huge stepping stone in your life.

i still remember my exact evening that he’s having right now. gathering with everyone on my floor to meet and greet. we played the stupid ice breaker where you guess the celebrity you have taped on your back. i remember looking around, wondering if i’d make friends with any of the girls around me (i did) and being SO nervous but SO excited. i was in college. i was free. i was independent. i missed home. but i didn’t miss home. i was so many things. i truly believe that that was one of the most beautiful seasons of my life. it’s one i wish i could peer back on. but instead, dear brother, i’m excited for YOU. and for this very beautiful season of your life. make the best of it. i know you will.


luke and me in front of my dorm, now his dorm // september, 2001


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