tonight my oldest younger brother, luke, will be laying his head down on his pillow inside his dorm as a college freshman at indiana university. i can’t even believe those words left my mouth/fingers. i am so excited for him, for what his life is about to open up to. college truly is what you […]

double pipers….see what i did there??! we were blessed with SUCH a beautiful weekend! somehow i managed to pick the peak weekend for fall leaves, which meant that my mini sessions were beautiful! this was a stark contrast to the weather we had during the week last week! the one session i managed to fit […]

i thought it only appropriate that on the first day of school here in jasper, that i blog luke’s senior session. i could overstate how i can’t even believe that he’s old enough to be a senior, blah blah. but what i could also do is completely brag on my awesome brother. over the past […]

remember these monkeys? since this blog has taken a more professional turn, i haven’t included as many familial posts. that’s partly strategic and partly bc i’ve been a bad sister—paying clients seem to be taking a lot of my time (EXCELLENT problem), so i haven’t been around as much. i’m trying to get better at […]

luke turns 15 today. how the cuss did that happen? it seems like it was only a year ago he was running around in his underwear, playing baseball and eating all the snacks in the kitchen. not much has changed. though he wears pants now. occasionally. (kidding) in 6 months, he’ll start driving. that’s shocking, […]