life: brotherly love


remember these monkeys? since this blog has taken a more professional turn, i haven’t included as many familial posts. that’s partly strategic and partly bc i’ve been a bad sister—paying clients seem to be taking a lot of my time (EXCELLENT problem), so i haven’t been around as much. i’m trying to get better at blocking personal time (do any other small business owners struggle with this??) and that began with taking my brother’s looooooong delayed….as in, since christmas…..portraits as a gift to my dad and stepmom.
luke is now 15 (he’ll be 16 in 6 days!!) and busier than ever. he’s currently in key west (rough life) on a boy scout snorkeling trip and just finished his eagle scout project. yes, my brother will be an eagle scout. he’s joining some pretty esteemed ranks. luke also starts marching band as soon as he returns from the caribbean, where he’ll be marching base drum this year. andrew just turned 12 and has one thing on his mind: sports. baseball, football, anything with a ball, he’s into it. though he’s one year from being 13 (and all the loveliness that comes with that) he’s still my sweet andrew. when he wants to be. and ben. ben turns 10 in the fall and just got braces. partly because of the braces, ben wins the award for most changed in the last year. it’s like i blinked my eyes and he’s a young man. though he’s still, as one of his teaches put it, the boy with a “special brand of energy and enthusiasm”.
i have to say, it was so fun to be behind the lens as a professional with these guys. i’ve learned so much since i last took their photos, yet, there’s a certain level of comfort and naturalness that comes with shooting people that are so close to you. i love it. every single second of it.

hochgesang-1314f hochgesang-1204f

hochgesang-1188f hochgesang-1244f



this could not be more like my brothers. so in love with andrew’s face in both of these.
hochgesang-1265f hochgesang-1274f


good news, guys-andrew’s freckles are still in place. phew.

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  1. E_vonderheide says:

    love!!!  the boys, and the pictures, that is

  2. Dad says:

    Great pictures and a fun evening, Meghan!