celebrating her 20th year

jumping banana

my sister turned 20 last weekend and, like everything i do lately, i’m late in announcing it.
happy birthday to the greatest sister ever, and that’s not just because she’s my only sister. anna’s 19th year hasn’t been the easiest, but that doesn’t stop her from maintaining the same bright, happy, energetic spirit she always has. i’ve never told her how proud i am of her for digging into this year and telling it who’s boss, instead of laying and taking it. that’s not to say there haven’t been bright spots, bc there sure have been lots. remember at hofbrauhaus when you grabbed all 6 of those mugs and held them in the air longer than most guys could? man that was funny.
here’s to your 20th year-also known as “the year we planned a trip to vegas to celebrate your 21st birthday”-i have a feeling it will be good to you. if it’s not, i’ll kick its butt.

photo taken in salzburg, austria | may, 2011

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