my sister turned 20 last weekend and, like everything i do lately, i’m late in announcing it. happy birthday to the greatest sister ever, and that’s not just because she’s my only sister. anna’s 19th year hasn’t been the easiest, but that doesn’t stop her from maintaining the same bright, happy, energetic spirit she always […]

happy birthday, baby stink. i am so proud of you, every day, especially today. all my love.

gibney beach; st john, usvi; 2010

saturday was anna’s senior prom. it couldn’t have been a more perfect day; 75 degrees and gorgeous blue skies, along with trees and flowers freshly bloomed for the weekend. we even dragged anna and decker up to our family farm to take pictures on the famous bluebell hill. these gorge flowers only bloom for a […]

i just realized i failed to mention that anna will be taking up residence in bloomington next year. let’s be honest for a second, while we were encouraged to follow our own path and make our own collegiate decisions in the vonderheide/hochgesang house (except for that one school up north who will remain nameless), we […]