oh this family was SO fun. i’ve been blessed to work with so many families who welcome me in and leave me feeling like i just might be invited to easter lunch. i’m kidding…sort of. the schroerings are one more family i can add to that list. atalie’s parents have the most gorgeous piece of […]

where do i begin? with the fact that one of my sneak peeks for this shoot was the most popular photo i’ve EVER posted on my facebook page? or that i think this family is pretty fantastic? or that when leaving the shoot, i was called “a sister from another mother?” any of those three […]

how adorable is this family? i feel like i say that in front of every family post, but i always mean it! we spent a very windy evening on jake’s family’s farm, which couldn’t have been a more beautiful setting. rolling hills, hay bales, barns oh my! but enough with how beautiful the setting was, […]

remember these monkeys? since this blog has taken a more professional turn, i haven’t included as many familial posts. that’s partly strategic and partly bc i’ve been a bad sister—paying clients seem to be taking a lot of my time (EXCELLENT problem), so i haven’t been around as much. i’m trying to get better at […]

my sister turned 20 last weekend and, like everything i do lately, i’m late in announcing it. happy birthday to the greatest sister ever, and that’s not just because she’s my only sister. anna’s 19th year hasn’t been the easiest, but that doesn’t stop her from maintaining the same bright, happy, energetic spirit she always […]