on the road: citizenM, amsterdam-favorite hotel ever?


so i realize i haven’t written much about our trip. i’ve posted photos here and there (you can see all my photo sets here), when i’ve had a free second, but i’ve yet to really delve into details. i did write about our experience in brussels here, feel free to read it up. when i read this article a minute ago, i decided it was time to break my silence.

euro-7761 euro-7769

during our stay in amsterdam we rested our heads at CitizenM. i had done hours of research for hotels in amsterdam, as most are very expensive, but i kept coming back to CitizenM. the price was fantastic, but i kept dismissing it because its location. when push came to shove and josh got a rave review from a friend, we decided to book it. best decision we made the entire trip. except, maybe for the liters of house wine we shared at almost every meal.
citizenM’s philosophy is simple: affordable accommodations can be stylish and comfortable, no matter the type of traveler. our first collective “omg this is amazing” moment happened at check in. there is no check in desk. there are 6 computers that guests check themselves in with. (hello efficient use of staff!) oh and your room key? it’s designed to take WITH you after your stay and use as a luggage tag. (cue second “omg this is amazing” look) the rooms? they are as wide as the height of a king size bed. that’s it. it’s small, yes, and i wouldn’t stay there with anyone other than my significant other (read: ZERO privacy) but they were perfect: everything you need, nothing you don’t. the rooms are equipped with Panasonic mood pads, which control everything in the room from the lighting (you can change the color of the lights to anything your little heart desires), to the blinds, to the tv, which plays on demand movies-something that comes in very handy for exhausted travelers who need a night in.



the lobby? oh, it’s all eames, all the time. i dream of that lobby. i almost stole my beloved elephant foot stool, but i decided i’d like to be invited back to this hotel at some point in my life. everything about this lobby is perfection. we were told upon check in that their lobby was to be used as our own living room. relax, have a glass of wine or read a book and we noticed that people actually USED the lobby. every time you walked into the hotel there was this great vibe. people interacting. living.

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though the location of citizenM is a little beyond the main center of amsterdam, it took us no more than 10 minutes to get to all the main areas of the city. the tram (which we bought a 72 hour pass for and was BRILLIANT) picks up just outside the hotel and is the main line which runs straight up the middle of the city. easy peasy.
the best part of citizenM? they’re opening 2 locations in manhattan (times square and lower east side) and just announced a location in san francisco. i’m SO excited that people here will be able to experience what was hands down one of my favorite hotels. ever. proof that you don’t need a 4 star hotel (and their prices) to experience 4 star luxury.


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