life: griffen; jasper, in newborn


i’m not sure how to say this eloquently, so i’m just going to come out and say it: i thought i was invincible to baby fever…that was, until i met griffen. holy cow. we did this shoot and it was literally the perfect storm of sleepy baby, full tummy, warm summer night and a pretty green yard. i have never had a baby cooperate like griffen did and i left the shoot absolutely giddy with excitement over the shots we were able to get.
leah, thank you so much for being so awesome and letting me (attempt) to mold griffin into whatever shape i wanted. i also hope he is still sleeping just like he did this night. if not, i know a photographer who would love to take him off your hands for a while. 🙂


beckman-1353f beckman-1332f


beckman-1343f beckman-1399f

beckman-1362f beckman-1377f

will you look at those lips!!!!?

beckman-1384f beckman-1410f

this one absolutely makes my heart melt into a puddle of happiness.

beckman-1425f beckman-1513f



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