i’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family twice this month! you’ll probably remember tessa and elise’s photos from a few weeks ago, just days prior to coraline’s arrival. i won’t lie, coraline wasn’t having the best day. but guess what? that happens sometimes. that’s life. and i happen to be in the business of […]

oh, sweet hadlyn. i was so excited when i heard she made her (early) arrival into the world. i grew up with her mom, jami, going to the same babysitter (hi, chris!!) and was/am so elated and honored that i get to share in this special time for jami and her husband…everything coming full circle. […]

say hello to my newest newbie! isn’t he precious? kipton was such a little champ for our photos, sleeping nearly the entire session! however, like a gentleman, he let us know when he was finished with photos by peeing through his diaper, all over my wrap. that’s ok, though, it was warranted. 🙂 kyle, audrey, […]

welcome to the world, baby katie. how sweet is she (and her 2 big sisters)? it was so cute seeing 3 little girls so close in age; part excited, part protective. their poor dad has his work cut out for him! (i mean that in the BEST way possible.) katie was definitely a #1 fan […]

how’s this for a sweet beginning for 2012? miss aubrey lea was born a couple weeks before christmas and i’m sure her parents will agree she was the most perfect present. since her parents signed up for my “baby’s first year” package, you’ll be seeing aubrey a couple more times this year! ps, the purple […]