IV dear hazel, man, hazel, i’ve got to be honest, you’re closing out this month with a bang. i’ve always been told that weeks 6-9 can be rough with fussiness peaking and man were they right. you seem to be inconsolable at times, especially these past few days and especially in the evening. but things […]

II Dear Hazel, guess what, baby, we made it past week 1! not lying, there were plenty of moments i wasn’t sure that was going to happen. thankfully, your dad is the most calm, reassuring person i know and he talked me off the ledge multiple times. you’re continuing to fill out (seriously, your belly […]

I dear hazel, today, at 3:26 pm, you were one week old. these past seven days have been lots of things. the highest highs and some pretty low lows, if we’re being honest. bringing you into the world was a joy unlike anything i’ve experienced. in that place of joy i’ve also been overwhelmed (understatement […]

it’s that time again! your favorite kiddos (and mine too!) are back! mia is now 3 and lio turns 1 oh so soon. it’s so funny to me how many people know mia and lio because of my blog. i had someone comment on a teaser image on facebook that my photos of mia are […]

i can’t even tell you how excited i was when lauren contacted me to capture this exciting time in her family’s life. the girls (yes, identical twins) just turned 3 and lauren is expecting #3 in the beginning of june. after seeing one of my favorite family photographers from indianapolis capture this family on numerous […]