life: mia + lio; southern indiana family photographer

it’s that time again! your favorite kiddos (and mine too!) are back! mia is now 3 and lio turns 1 oh so soon. it’s so funny to me how many people know mia and lio because of my blog. i had someone comment on a teaser image on facebook that my photos of mia are always my best. this person doesn’t know mia at all! too funny! i will say, however, that it’s really difficult to take a bad photo of children THIS cute.
mia and lio are such sparks of light and joy and i cherish every small bit of time i get to see them. the thought of my baby playing with them in a year or so makes my heart swell to the point of bursting! thanks, amy and pete, as always. xoxo
for those who knew lio’s great grandpa, jim, doesn’t that stinker-of-a-grin below on the right look exactly like something jim would have done??

THIS. just……THIS. my favorite of the day. easily.

and, let’s all just pause for a second and marvel at HOW STINKING CUTE MIA’S ROMPER IS!!! i mean, seriously!

cake’s done, time to rise off. i really really love these, too.

canon 5d mark ii, canon 85 1.2L
you can see ALL of mia’s shoots here and lio’s 6 month shoot here

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  1. Kathy (Breidenbaugh) Danford says:

    Yes Meghan that grin does look like great grandpa Jim’s (who I knew well)! Absolutely gorgeous pics of Amy’s kids!