weekend roundup

happy monday!!! i hope you all had a wonderful weekend, like i did, and were able to soak up some of this gorgeous weather! josh and i spent the day doing some shopping (with little buying) on saturday and yesterday was spent by the pool, while refreshing the live scores of andrew’s game. more on that below.

both sessions last week are repeat clients, who are my favorite type of clients! 😉 the harts were in town from italy and wanted some family photos of their fairly new family of 4! i also shot little remy’s 1 year photos! simply, i adore this family (shown here, here, here and here), i love spending time with them and photographing their adorable family is the cherry on top.

on to things of note!
• my dog, apparently doesn’t like my driving. he was managed to grow a fear of my car and after being posed with one of this favorite questions, “want to go for a ride?” this morning, he planted his feet, letting me know he would be staying put. what?! i’m sorry, who is this dog?
• jasper kicked off their babe ruth world series play on saturday by completely blowing out baxter springs, kansas 8-0. unfortunately, they lost a total heartbreaker last night against clifton park, NY 6-7. nevertheless, the show keeps on going today at 5pm EST when they take on last year’s babe ruth world series champs from arkansas, who are also 1-1. it will be a big game for sure and jasper needs to win at least one of their last 2 pool play games in order to compete in the actual world series finals, which begin thursday. unfortunately there is no live streaming (come on…this IS 2013!) but you can follow the live score/detail updates here.
• i have been and will continue to be so proud of andrew and his teammates. they are such truly good kids and handle themselves so well. i am also so proud of the way jasper has rallied behind these boys. jasper-native, 8-time gold glove winner, scott rolen even showed up at their last practice before leaving on wednesday to offer some words of advice. those words? “The only thing you can control is your effort. Your effort and your attitude when you’re out there.”
• i added another mac to my lineup of apples. i’m going to be traveling a bit this fall and was having a little bit of heartburn trying to figure out how i was going to keep up. having a laptop will allow me to “cull on the run”, as i like to say. and also answer morning emails out on my patio. heaven. also, it’s worth mentioning that i am a HUGE proponent of buying refurbished apple products. most are less than a year old and are completely rebuilt to their factory settings. i’ve purchased both this macbook pro and my 27″ imac through that program. it allowed me to buy a bit nicer computer that’s a little used. win win for me!
• baby p is the size of an avocado this week! i’ve been feeling pretty good with major headaches still the only symptom. i’ll be 16 weeks on wednesday, so i’m hoping that with every passing day they get better. i still feel really lucky that that’s all i’m dealing with! we’ll also be finding out the sex in less than 2 weeks!

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