i do: nikki+garrett; southern indiana wedding photographer

nikki and garrett’s story began at that other big 10 school in indiana. much like lots of college relationships start, after noticing each other at social gatherings, they decided maybe this could be something. these two, to me, are the ultimate ying and yang. nikki is a sweet little spry, bubbly, tells it like it is, ball of cuteness and garrett is a reserved, strong, ex-footballer who just loves nikki to pieces. after college, garrett moved down here to be with nikki in her home town, which, speaking from experience, means your man loves you a LOT if he’s willing to move to dubois county. last saturday, nikki and garrett joined hands for life in one of the more sincere, heartfelt, family-centered celebrations i’ve yet to photograph.
nikki and garrett….i’m not sure where to begin with how much i truly adore the two of you. i found your family’s complete thoughtfulness of every detail for your day completely charming. i shouldn’t have been surprised, seeing as how your family has got to be one of the nicest i’ve ever known. your day was perfect, your photos are perfect and the two of you, as a whole, are perfect. i hope the excitement you both have for life and each other never fades. i also hope, nikki, that garrett is forever in your phone as “garrett hotty”.

soapbox moment ahead…that image on the left? well, all 4 of these getting dressed photos are among my favorite “getting dressed” photos i have EVER taken. why? well, a lot of it has to do with how beautiful nikki is. but a LOT of it has to do with the HUGE windows we were afforded with in the bergs’ living room. brides…deciding where you’ll be getting dressed is important and definitely something to think about! big windows that provide soft light are the best of the best.

nikki, her parents, and brother have a very special relationship. you’ll see sprinklings of that with photos of nikki and her dad throughout, but i especially love this one of nikki and her mom.

see? is nikki not THE cutest?

garrett isn’t so bad, either.

nikki and garrett chose to see each other before the ceremony, which i was SO thankful for because it gave us so much time for portraits of them and their family. i always end up with so many more bridal portraits when we do first looks vs traditional weddings bc i find portrait time is so much more relaxed. for all of these pre ceremony portraits of nikki and garrett, we were literally the only ones outside. vs after the ceremony when trying to get intimate portraits with your entire bridal party watching or waiting. also? their first look was pretty darn stinkin’ cute.

i told garrett nikki would be tapping him on the shoulder. when she went in for the squeeze, we were both surprised! spunky, that one is!

my lord you’re beautiful, nikki.

pre-ttay ladies!

my fav part about the photo on the right? after taking off her veil, you could see all nikki’s buttons when she was in profile!

nikki is dancing with garrett’s 94 year old grandpa. that’s the definition of priceless.

ceremony: st. ferdinand; ferdinand, in
reception: ferdinand community center
bride’s dress: ella park
bridesmaid dresses: info to come
hair: info to come
makeup: info to come
boys’ suits: info to come
cakes: info to come
flowers/decor/day-of coordination: keith bauer
first dance song: info to come
father/daughter: info to come
mother/son: info to come

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 35 1.4L, canon 50 1.2L, canon 85 1.2L, canon 24-70 2.8L (reception only), canon 100 2.8 macro (details only), 2 speedlite 580ex ii, 2 pocketwizards

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