these posts always seem to come at the most hectic (this should be my slow time, right?!) time of year and every year i question whether they’re worth the stress. but then i look back at the fact that i started these in 2009 (here are posts from 2010, 2011 and 2012) and find myself […]

heather and kyle, somewhat unknowingly grew up together, graduated high school together and never crossed paths. it took a few years (and a very lucky st patrick’s day) for heather and kyle to finally notice each other. kyle took note and the rest, as they say, is history. i said it before their wedding, but […]

gosh i am SO behind on blogging! abby and jace had SUCH a beautiful (albeit a tad chilly/windy) fall wedding day a few weeks ago. it was literally one of those days that you sit back, breathe in and whisper “this is fall”. i’ve also found myself whispering “i could never live in a place […]

suzy (or, dr. suzy, i should say!) and lanz first met while spending their days with animals. first bonding over their shared love of dogs, their relationship settled into one of companionship, trust and true love. quite fitting for dog lovers, no? earlier this month, suzy and lanz said “i do”, following the sweetest poem […]

megan and brent have a quiet sort of love. they don’t shout it from the rooftops or spell out in fireworks. but that doesn’t mean it’s any less encompassing than a boisterous kind of love. you can see it in the way they look at each other. or in the way brent reacted when megan […]