it’s that time again! your favorite kiddos (and mine too!) are back! mia is now 3 and lio turns 1 oh so soon. it’s so funny to me how many people know mia and lio because of my blog. i had someone comment on a teaser image on facebook that my photos of mia are […]

if you follow my work, you know and probably love mia. mia is my cousin…or sort of niece….something like that and i really can’t express enough how exciting and joyful it’s been to see her grow up, especially because her mother is one of my favorite people. mia will have a brother making an appearance […]

can you believe mia is a year old already? if you’ve been around for a while, you’ll remember her newborn photos here, her 3 month photos, her 9 month photos and now….she’s 1! after being able to see her progression i think i need to officially offer a newborn/6 month/1 year package. i love seeing […]

i’m not sure how it happened, but miss mia is now 9 months old. i can’t believe it! she’s changed SO much since our last shoot and is FULL of personality. her smile is so big (just like her momma and grandma’s) and infectious. we love when she comes down to visit. i mean, how […]

mia is now 4 months old! i can’t believe how fast time has gone. truthfully, these pictures were taking closer to her 3 month birthday. her deadbeat photographer aunt meghan is just now getting around to editing them. sorry mia!!!! mia is so sweet, cute and cuddly. i enjoy every time i get to see […]