life: mia is two; jasper indiana children's photographer

if you follow my work, you know and probably love mia. mia is my cousin…or sort of niece….something like that and i really can’t express enough how exciting and joyful it’s been to see her grow up, especially because her mother is one of my favorite people. mia will have a brother making an appearance soon (due date is 4 days before my wedding, but we’ve had a talk so it’s all good. he’s coming a week early. right #2??), which will be even MORE exciting to capture!
thanks, amy and pete for letting me capture your little beauty. i have a feeling you’re going to swoon over this shoot in particular. i certainly was.

i love this with her grandpa schnarr. they are sugar sweet together. and grandpa makes the best fishy faces ever.

i don’t know what that plant is called, but it was the best laughter inducing thing EVER. and she was tickling herself! apparently mia does half my job for me!

the light that morning was insanely yummy. btw have you tried using back light on a 2 year old before? holy, changing settings at a cheetah’s pace and hoping for the best, batman.

i don’t do photos of 2 year olds very often, probably because parents are too scared to put an investment like photography into an age that is so unpredictable. i have found, however, that the key to getting great results is to a) let them keep moving and b) keep them busy! all the fun things to do, all the time. i prefer when my photos are more “slice of life” anyway, so it’s a win-win for all.

“sorry, grandma, i picked one of your perfect tomato babies that wasn’t quite ripe yet but i just couldn’t help myself. i’m sure you won’t be upset…just look at my sweet face!” love, mia.

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 35mm 1.4

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  1. Amber Davis says:

    Awww I love her. And her family 🙂

  2. Julie Melberg says:

    Oh my goodness, Meghan, those are about the sweetest pics I have ever seen. She is adorable (and *so* her mom and grandma!) And I would imagine that Grandpa has a real soft spot for this cutie! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gloria Kieffner says:

    These are so good! Before I saw who her mommy was I thought oh my she looks like little Amy Schnarr! LOL So cute!!