life: mia, 9 months


i’m not sure how it happened, but miss mia is now 9 months old. i can’t believe it! she’s changed SO much since our last shoot and is FULL of personality. her smile is so big (just like her momma and grandma’s) and infectious. we love when she comes down to visit. i mean, how can you not fall in love with all that baby goodness?? i have a few shoots in indy this spring, so i hope maybe i (and my camera) will come to HER next time!



IMG_3790f IMG_3985f


IMG_4024f IMG_3973f

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  1. Jeff Hochgesang says:

    Good pics Meghan. I see a lot of G'ma Pauline in #5!!

  2. E_vonderheide says:

    Love the one with the giraffe. Maybe next time there will be teeth!