life: diana, lilly and baby #3; jasper indiana family photographer

i can’t even tell you how excited i was when lauren contacted me to capture this exciting time in her family’s life. the girls (yes, identical twins) just turned 3 and lauren is expecting #3 in the beginning of june. after seeing one of my favorite family photographers from indianapolis capture this family on numerous occasions, i had my fingers and toes crossed that after they moved back to jasper i’d have my turn!
lilly and diana are just as sweet as they appear on “film” and can we talk about how gorgeous lauren is?! 8 months pregnant, what? it was funny–going into this shoot, we decided on the fantasically gorgeous garden that belongs to my aunt and i just knew the girls would love all the spring flowers. well, they liked the flowers, but what they ended up loving were the rocks inside said aunt’s greenhouse. they’re true southern indiana girls who aren’t afraid to get dirty! i found it so interesting to be around lilly and diana and observe their “twin” tendencies. they’re often found standing just like one another, seem to live a constant life of “monkey-see, monkey-do” and so many times, one would turn her head to see if the other was smiling and if so, she would give in and give us a sweet look.
oh and fun fact, this is my 6th (!!) set of twins to appear on this blog! they always say that twins are ├╝ber prevalent in jasper! enjoy these sweet photos and get ready for even more sweetness when i capture the newest addition in a few weeks (squeal!!)!

lilly killed me with cuteness in this series:

pop quiz, can you tell who’s who? (diana on the left, lilly (with longer hair) on the right)

lauren wanted some maternity photos taken since she didn’t get any taken last time…being pregnant with twins, on bed-rest and all. really, how gorgeous is she?!

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 50 1.2L, canon 85 1.2L, canon 35 1.4L

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  1. Regina Tan says:

    I enjoyed the pacifier war video and love the pictures of cute Lily and Diana. They are simply adorable. Hope to see more pictures of them.

    Just curious who is older?