weekend roundup

my head (and feet) are still reeling a bit from the past few days. i had family sessions (both of whom you should remember!) thursday and friday and rounded out the weekend with a great wedding on saturday. to say i am filled with love today would be accurate. to say my feet hurt, would also be true.
on to things i’ve learned/things that happened this week!
• i spent a good bit of time last week beautifying our yard. there is something so gratifying about seeing plants you planted growing and flourishing. and these poppies?? they’re called champagne poppies and they are way too fabulous.
• friday’s shoot with ashley, kyle and olive took me to churchill downs. that place takes my breath away every time i pull up to it.
• speaking of churchill downs, happy derby week!
• trails with lots of trees are very useful when trying to take wedding portraits on a rainy day.
• my bride this weekend, certainly my coolest ever, ordered about 4,000 pieces of glowing…things. and it was amazing.
• i’d like to thank mad men for returning, making my monday nights (we dvr and watch at a more decent hour the next day) 100% more enjoyable.

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