i had SUCH a truly awesome year for family portraits. going into this year, all i was counting on was my income from weddings, since that’s the only real thing you can count on since they’re booked so far in advance. the way i looked at it, any families i shot would be icing on […]

i had SO much fun with this sweet family. our shoot was short and sweet (kiddos often dictate how long shoots last) but that didn’t mean we lacked in beautiful photos. jenny is going to have a super awesome time picking through the amazingly high yield of good shots! in fact, as i was culling […]

i had the pleasure of photographing the dilgers, their 3 children, their children’s spouses and their 10 grandchildren. i had so much fun getting to know them (though i went to high school with katie)! i kept saying in my head, “i can’t even imagine what holidays are like with all these kids running around.” […]

sweet sebastian and his mom, who are my cousins (or something like that) and related to me both through my dad and my mom (that’s a story for another day), live in mozambique and are making their yearly trip to the states. they first stopped in southern indiana to visit family here and will eventually […]

i had the pleasure of taking photos of violet while josh and i were in dc a few weeks ago! i had seen violet’s mommy, jackie, at our wedding last year, but it had been a little while since i had seen violet! in fact, the last time i saw her was just before josh […]