a year in review: families

i had SUCH a truly awesome year for family portraits. going into this year, all i was counting on was my income from weddings, since that’s the only real thing you can count on since they’re booked so far in advance. the way i looked at it, any families i shot would be icing on my already fairly sweet cake. let’s just say i shot more families and seniors than ever this year, for which i am SO SO grateful.

below are my picks (which just so happened to hit 50 on the nose) for my own personal favorites of the year. that’s right, i’m playing favorites, big time. it’s funny to me, as a photographer, how photos i love are at times ones that my clients don’t feel the same about. when you look at a photo of yourself you’re looking at it in a different way than me, but it always fascinates me.

i feel that these 50 photos best encompass my brand of natural, happy, genuine, vibrant photos. i often preach to my clients (wedding and family, alike) that i’m not here to take perfect photos. that’s just not me. what i do believe in is capturing perfect moments which, to me, communicate perfect photos. so some of these you might be asking yourself why in the world it would be a favorite and that’s just it. to me, the moment, the light, the look. it was perfect…to me.

i’m starting with a few that you’ve never seen before! when shooting so close to the holidays, i’m often asked to keep photos under wraps so that they may be used for holiday cards. these were used for just that! it’s too bad i had to wait so long to show you, too because their session was one of my absolute favorites of the year. aside from these first few, i tried to get them in chronological order. to be fair. 🙂

what’s that? ok, you’re right. this photo of thomas is pretty darn near perfection.

there’s no way i could possibly pick a favorite family photo of the year, but if i HAD to choose, one of them would come from my session with lilly and diana. it was so ridiculous in the best way possible.

and then there’s this. how could this not be a favorite.

ok FINE. if i really really really had to pick? i think this of ava claire would be my favorite. FINE. there. i said it.

happy new years eve, everyone! i’ll be spending my evening watching the evansville ice men and eating sushi. can’t wait! all my best in 2014 and always. xo.

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