a year in review: an analytical rundown

for those who don’t manage websites or blogs, there is this handy-dandy tool called google analytics. one can assume that anything google does is on point and you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that here. when i first started blogging, i thought the stats that popped up within wordpress were enough. “why would i need to know more than how many people saw that post?” i’d ask myself. oh, silly grasshopper. after installation (by my then handsome boyfriend, now husband) i am now able to not only see how many people viewed a certain post, i can see how long they spent on that post, along with my site in general. i can tell what search engine led them there. what search terms they used (there are at least 100 iterations of my name). i can tell what countries/states/cities and languages send the most traffic. i can drill down to actual internet service provider. pretty cool, right?

so with that said, i thought it would be fun to show you my top 10 posts (david letterman style) of the year! you can click on the photo to see the post.

starting with number 10:









and the most read post of 2013!

how about some more nerdy tidbits?
here’s a world view of where my readers are from:

pretty amazing, right? the top 10-reading countries were:
United Kingdom
some other fun places with readers? russia, philippines, south korea, iran, israel, pakistan, UAE, nepal, and rwanda. pretty amazing right? that’s 86 countries in all.
48% of my readers use a mac, while only 38% come from the dark side.
seeing all these facts and figures is so strangely gratifying. seeing that so many people are searching for and finding info on local vendors? man that makes me happy that i’m able to serve as a living example of such talent in our area. this world is such a big big place and the fact that i’m making a tiny mark on it means the world (punny…) to me. this was an interesting and scary year for me, being the first completely supporting myself with my camera. i straight up hustled my way through, working harder than i thought possible and the result? i don’t think i need to overstate the obvious. it was a great year.
i’ll be by in the coming weeks with my favorite (completely subjective) photos of the year as well as a look back at my own personal year. ALSO! head over to my facebook page where i’m having a canvas contest giveaway for wedding and engagement clients!!

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