weekend roundup

just when i thought i’d have a super boring week with NOTHING to talk about! mother nature and baby mama drama premuda saw to it that wouldn’t happen!

• thursday night mother nature arrived with a sleet/ice storm and followed up with an all day snowfall. really. all day. not complaining at all, as it was absolutely beautiful. let’s also be honest, i’m  217 days pregnant–i’ll take any excuse not to leave the house for days on end.

• speaking of being pregnant, at 31 weeks, baby p gave us some excitement thursday evening (mid-sleet arrival). after having what i thought was a pretty normal day, activity-wise, i began having braxton hicks contractions (which i’ve had on and off this entire pregnancy) beginning late afternoon that grew to become WAY too regular, so off to the hospital we went to ensure they weren’t real contractions. of course baby is fine (was told once again how active she is…fabulous.) but josh and i are officially on overdrive after being way too nonchalant about the fact that we have a child arriving very soon. we were basically sent home with orders for me to drink even more water and SLOW DOWN.

• on a less exciting note, she is doing great, is still head down (PLEASE stay there!) and is in the anterior position (face toward my spine) which is awesome! not awesome is how my life long short-waistedness is really kicking me in the a** now. basically, when i sit, it pushes her little hiney into my ribs which feels awesome*. *not. oh and the other development of note from this week? 2 words (or is it one): heart. burn.

client holiday cards are beginning to arrive. they make my heart sing!

• beau wanted me all to tell you how much he loves his new coat (see above). it’s a lovely carhartt knockoff we found at rural king, because we’re classy like that. haven’t heard of rural king? it’s this wonderland of a store where you can buy everything from animal troughs to moon pies. dogs are welcome to come along and you can eat free popcorn while you shop. told you it was a wonderland.

i’m off to kick my feet up and eat bonbons. HA! if only! for all those who think photographers simply don’t work in the winter—if you only knew!

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