it seems like last year couldn’t be topped…between getting engaged and married…but this year seemed to top it! we kicked it off on our honeymoon in thailand (chiang mai and phuket). side note: when you take a trip over new years, it’s both amazing and not amazing. amazing in that you start your year off […]

i tell my clients all the time how much i love engagement sessions, usually at the session itself. in fact, they’re my favorite. of course there’s something magical about shooting a wedding, don’t get me wrong, but an e-session is totally different. it’s just the 3 of us, getting to know each other while taking […]

i had SUCH a truly awesome year for family portraits. going into this year, all i was counting on was my income from weddings, since that’s the only real thing you can count on since they’re booked so far in advance. the way i looked at it, any families i shot would be icing on […]

for those who don’t manage websites or blogs, there is this handy-dandy tool called google analytics. one can assume that anything google does is on point and you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that here. when i first started blogging, i thought the stats that popped up within wordpress were enough. “why would i need […]